Many tourists who come to Italy for a period of vacation, decide to visit Milan. In addition to being known as the capital of fashion, the capital of Lombardy in this year has become an unmissable event thanks to the presentation of the Expo. If many people decide to move to Milan using the subway, trams and other public transport, an equally large number prefer to use the taxi.

This is because, in this way, possible delays are avoided, or queues in front of ticket dealers, but also to avoid the risk of getting lost in the streets of the city and not being able to find your way around. In addition, the taxi service offered by the Lombard city is of a good standard. It should be noted that Milan’s taxi fares increased slightly in 2014 (we are talking about a 1% increase).

For example, the cost per kilometre has risen from 1.06 euro to 1.09 euro, while the minimum amount that a taxi driver asks for for a trip in his car has risen by 50 cents.

However, if the fares are compared with those charged in cities such as Paris or Madrid, they are lower, at an equal level of quality. The very recent decision of a Court of Milan to permanently suspend the services offered by Uberpop in our country, confirms the taxi as the best solution to be able to move in Italian cities, especially in chaotic cities like Milan.

Further increases are expected, but only from next year, which could affect the line from Milan to Malpensa. Currently, those who want to reach the center of Milan from Malpensa, must pay for the taxi ride a fixed rate of 90 euros.

The journey, considering the distance and the traffic, takes the taxi driver about an hour’s drive. Tourists should remember that the price includes only one stop; any other stops are, in fact, charged at a rate determined by the taximeter, greatly increasing the price of the trip.

Those who, instead, make a stopover at the airport of Linate, to get by taxi to the historic center spend between 5 and 20 euros. Taxi parking is available at the exit of the airport itself.

If it is not possible to land in one of the two airports of Milan, a journey from Orio al Serio by taxi takes about 50 minutes (to reach the center), with an estimated cost of about 100 euros.

As regards the booking of a taxi in Milan, a unique number has been introduced, called “Milano in Taxi”. In practice, thanks to the latter you can contact the parking lot closest to the place where the user is using the landline phone.

In the future you can also book from your mobile phone. In addition, if the call is unsuccessful, the tourist is informed of the various telephone numbers belonging to the different Radio Taxi Centres. The city wanted to ensure a service as clear as possible, offering a single rate, agreed directly with the City of Milan.

To meet the needs of tourists with disabilities, 24 taxis are already available with the characteristic of being accessible to people with disabilities. These taxis can accommodate without any problem a wheelchair, which is loaded using automated systems. In order to distinguish them more easily, they will soon be equipped with a special symbol, which will bear the words “Easy Taxi”.

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