With the arrival of Spring something magical seems to happen. The climate becomes much sweeter and more pleasant, the colours take on wonderful pastel shades and the scent of flowers spreads in the air.

Sorrento, in Spring, is a spectacle of unspeakable beauty. Walking through the streets of the city in this period has the advantage of not finding yourself in the midst of the huge summer crowd, but at the same time you avoid the risk of running into the cold and rainy winter days.

It is in this period that the city begins to relive, the festivals start again, the first tourists arrive, ready to explore these wonderful lands. It is well known, in fact, that many tend to prefer the period of Spring to book a Bed and Breakfast in Sorrento, not only for the obvious savings, but also because it is believed that this is the ideal time to relax.

The Sorrento Peninsula offers itineraries of all kinds, aimed at the most diverse targets. For those who love trekking, for example, the paths of Massa Lubrense are of a unique charm and allow you to have a look at the Gulf of Naples that would please any photographer.

In the city, however, it is pleasant to find yourself walking in places like the Villa Comunale dedicated to Salve D’Esposito, as well as in the alleys of the city, which return to fill with people interested in buying souvenirs and handicrafts. Starting from Piazza Tasso, walking along Corso Italia, it is inevitable to deviate into the many “traverses” that lead into the heart of the city, where shops and small shops display small masterpieces and tasty local products.

Obviously we must not forget churches and museums, which in this period are certainly more pleasant to visit, thanks to the pleasant air. The fifteenth-century Duomo, for example, but also the Convent of St. Francis of Assisi and the Correale Museum of Newfoundland are places not to be missed for those who, on holiday, also love to devote themselves to culture and art.

To encourage the “spring holidays” are also the bridges that, thanks to the days of celebration, can give 3-4 days free from work, which you can take advantage of to take a small and regenerating holiday.

April 25 and May 1, for example, are definitely an opportunity that you can take to get away from it all and visit Sorrento. Spring is also the most suitable time for lovers of photography, who can try their hand at their passion, photographing flourishing landscapes and clear skies, which sometimes seem like real paintings.

If you’re wondering what could be the best choice to devote to personal care, wellness and relaxation, the Sorrento Peninsula in Spring can be the answer to all this, without spending an eye of the head!

The special offers for this period, in fact, are numerous. Click here if you want to get more information and you will be just a few steps away from giving yourself a dream holiday, in an enchanted place, which will allow you to recharge and regain the energy to return to face everyday life with more verve and decision.

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