Do you want to start playing volleyball? First of all, get proper footwear! Here is how to choose your hitters volleyball shoes.
Volleyball is one of the most popular sports. It is a team game that involves 6 people per team. As is often the case with sports, volleyball is often practiced from an early age. If individual sports such as martial arts have undoubted advantages such as discipline, a team sport teaches one very important thing: knowing how to play “teamwork”. It is a real way of saying. Working daily with a group of players, which often changes also, you have the opportunity from an early age to deal with several people who are different from each other, by culture, way of thinking and doing, opening up to each other and sometimes establishing friendships that can last for years.

Volleyball in modern form was born in 1895 in the United States. Arrived first in Asia, it arrived in Europe during the First World War imported by the American troops who used to practice it in their spare time. The aim of the game is to win 3 sets out of 5, from 25 points, which are realized every time the ball touches the ground in the opponent’s field. The playing field is separated by a net more than 200 cm high and each team has only three touches to send the ball in the opposite field; players cannot block, throw or hold the ball, but the ball can only be played with clean touches.

The players are arranged in 6 different positions (3 in the first line and 3 in the second) very precise; when the team that has not served wins the point the whole formation rotates clockwise. The players must be in their positions at the moment of the serve, afterwards they can move freely in their own half. Each position on the field defines a precise role within the dynamics of the game. Initially, when you are small, everyone plays in all roles, as you grow up your inclinations come out and everyone is assigned a specific role in which he excels: setter, middle, band, free, opposite.

In the choice of the role has a weight also their physical conformation: rarely a low person will play in the front line under the net. The game of volleyball, especially for those who play in the front line, provides many jumps, whether they are due to crushes or walls. For this, but not only, but a fundamental role to avoid getting hurt is also played by volleyball shoes. To avoid trauma, pain in the joints and back, it is necessary to choose carefully which volleyball shoes to buy, but not only that, choosing the right volleyball shoes can also help you in the best practice of this sport. For example, a lighter shoe will help you jump higher and easier, and a shoe with the right sole will help you not slip on a parquet court. So let’s see specifically how to choose the right volleyball shoes.

How to choose the right volleyball shoes

Let’s see what parameters to take into account to understand which volleyball shoes to buy.

Height and sole: often and trivially one is led to think that a high shoe better protects the ankle from sprains and trauma. This is a bit of a false myth. A high shoe can in fact be easily bent by your weight making this solution almost completely useless. There are other features to take into account to have more stability and safety: the right sole, on all of them. A well structured sole will avoid problems of this kind. Some models of volleyball shoes have lateral reinforcements or a support in the sole, at the level of the plantar vault, which allows to avoid the twisting of the sole and therefore to support the foot well.

Soil: yes, this also affects which volleyball shoe to buy. For example, if you are used to train and play home games on a parquet surface then shoes with rubber soles are recommended. If you play on a synthetic ground instead, it is better to prefer a shoe with a synthetic rubber sole of different density to dampen the friction that is produced between the two surfaces.

Damping: Volleyball, as already mentioned, is a sport where you jump a lot, so it is necessary that the right shoes are sufficiently cushioned. The level of cushioning, however, goes hand in hand with the weight of the athlete. The right volleyball shoe must have a compound in the sole that adapts to the player’s body weight. Particularly appreciated is the presence of gel technology: this system provides an elastic gel inserted in the midsole that absorbs the energy generated during landings after the jump. Remember that the cushioning of the shoes wears out with time, so do not trust shoes that are too soft immediately; they could wear out even before time.

Size: there are of course shoes more or less bandaged; this usually depends on the composition of the materials of the upper, the layer of padding at the top of the heel, the width of the sole and also the brand. But beyond this, the general advice is to choose the normal size you wear with your everyday shoes. Neither one more nor one less size.
Weight: this term has a double value here. Let’s talk about the weight of the athlete, as already mentioned in the section on cushioning, which affects the choice of more structured or less structured volleyball shoes. The more the player weighs, the more the shoe will have to be structured to bear the load. However, the term “weight” also means that of the shoe itself: a lighter model will help those who have to jump a lot in the front line. Trust me: even a small difference in weight at the end of the game will be felt.

Brand: it’s true, volleyball shoes can also be very expensive, but this is the main and most important accessory to consider to practice this sport. Our health is at stake, so it is better to opt for the most popular brands that are synonymous with quality like: Asics, Mizuno, Adidas, etc.. Obviously then the price and performance of the shoe will also be commensurate with the level of effort you require: are you professionals or amateurs?

An important advice to keep in mind immediately, when you find yourself choosing which volleyball shoes to buy, is not to buy running shoes or canvas shoes to practice this sport; although they can be of excellent quality, they are not prepared for this type of activity. These models are not suitable due to the absence of cushioning and soles not predisposed for quick movements and jumps. After having examined the main aspects of how to choose volleyball shoes, we move on to our reviews.

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