Holidays in the mountains on the Paganella plateau offer the opportunity to relax, immersed in the typical nature of the Alps far from the hectic city and the crowded beach. It is also perfect for families with small children who can find services tailored to their needs. Andalo is also a destination for those who want to do sports, even as an amateur and not necessarily as a professional. Of course, in winter, the ski slopes and other winter sports attract many tourists, but in summer the offer is no less. There are many sporting activities that can be practiced in Andalo, such as hiking in the woods and to the top of the peaks, horseback riding, mountain biking, swimming, golf, tennis and much more. The sport that in recent years has seen a considerable increase in fans is: climbing. For this reason Andalo has become a favourite destination because it allows you to practice this sport in the open air.

A Sport for Everyone

From Andalo 3-star hotel you can easily reach the natural rock walls really breathtaking. Indoor climbing in the gym has nothing to do with outdoor climbing where you can fully enjoy the flora and fauna of the Alps. Those who have not yet started this physical activity, which has had a boom especially in recent years, in Andalo can find an instructor to approach the discipline. It is also suitable for children. Everything you need for climbing can be found in the rented area, so it is not complicated at all.

Where to Climb

There are many points on the Paganella Plateau where you can practice climbing. The outdoor artificial wall in Andalo is perfect for those who start this sport, especially for children who, thanks to the mountain guides present, can come into contact with a new healthy way of having fun. The height is 13 meters with about 10 climbing routes ranging from a difficulty V to VII. The most spectacular points that climbing enthusiasts are looking for, however, are the natural walls. One of these is shortly after Spormaggiore, a short distance from Andalo, called Sasadei. Immediately after Castel Belfort, beyond the nature park, there is a wall of natural rock in the middle of the forest between the pines that reaches a height of 15 meters. This beautiful wall, which is also not very crowded, has 10 climbing routes with stainless steel resin taproots. The difficulty is around grade V, so it can be approached even by beginners.

Another really interesting point is in Sant’Antonio in Ischia, near Lake Molveno, where the natural wall offers about 50 climbing routes, from the easiest grade III to the maximum difficulty level of VIII. Always close to a lake but this time to the lake of Nembia, there is a small cliff of 20 meters with 10 routes of verse to climb info at the top. Finally, another natural rock wall in the middle of the greenery is located in Cavedago. This 25-metre climbing wall is called “healthy recreation” because this activity is respectful and good for you.

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