After the summer season Palermo lends itself well to those couples who love to spend romantic weekends, in autumn mass tourism decreases and the city becomes an even more attractive place.

Even if tourists flock to the Sicilian capital all year round, during the autumn the visits drop and the city becomes more welcoming and a halo of romance, also caused by the typical light of the period, envelops the streets on which overlook the old noble palaces and squares. To organize your romantic holiday in Palermo you must take into account some considerations such as accommodation and places to visit. In this little guide we discover together how to best organize a romantic weekend in Palermo.

Let’s start by saying that it is important to book an accommodation before leaving, we want everything to go smoothly. Hotels and b & b in Palermo certainly do not lack, it is important, however, that you are in the historic center, so that you can move freely to the places to visit, so be careful, choose a bed and breakfast in Palermo center that has the right requirements, is a key point for the success of the trip.

After the ticket and accommodation are booked, the first advice we give you is to surprise your partner, organize everything without revealing anything, reveal the surprise to your partner-the day you leave, prepare a quick suitcase and away to the airport. What better way to start a romantic journey?!

That said, we can focus on the city that has so much to offer for couple tourism. As soon as you arrive at the airport you decide how to reach the city, there are several public and private services that allow you to do so, from the metro to taxis. Once you arrive at the b & b or the hotel leave your bags and run to breakfast in one of the many bars in the center, you will be amazed by the delights and variety of food that comes in the window. As you well know, food is one of the strong points of Sicily, and Palermo collects the best of the culinary tradition and then even breakfast becomes a moment to enjoy calmly and relax.

After breakfast walk towards Via della Libertà, you will come across many churches, villas and squares, stop at Piazza Castelnuovo, also called Piazza Politeama, is the nerve center of the city and I assure you that you can not help but stop and admire the theater Politeama. Continuing you will find countless shops where you can buy some souvenirs that remember the “escape of love”, and even the magnificent Teatro Massimo and the villas, the latter present throughout the territory, if you still have time available I recommend you to visit Villa Giulia and the Botanical Garden, walking inside will make you feel like the nobles of the ‘700, privileged to be able to admire these beauties.

For lunch, rely on one of the restaurants in the center and rely on typical dishes, from fish to meat, from wine to dessert, everything is of excellent quality and good to taste.

During the afternoon you can opt for Mondello, a fraction of Palermo that offers its beach to visitors and locals, once you arrive you can also visit the ‘Addaura, the village of Palermo south west of Mondello, and then return to the promenade and be enchanted by the sunset along the beach. Dine in one of the restaurants, enjoy the excellent fish accompanied by a fine local wine, all by candlelight and with a breathtaking view. Enjoy your holiday!

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