It is no coincidence that the Uffizi Gallery in Florence is one of the most visited museums in the world. But it’s always the details that make the difference, whether it’s a trip or a visit to the museum.

Here are some suggestions to ensure a brilliant visit to one of the richest artistic heritage of the planet Earth:

Avoid the Queue

When they tell you that the queue at the entrance has lasted hours, you believe: it is not a way of saying. It costs 4 euros more and it’s not cheap, but booking in advance can be a really good idea to spend more time admiring the paintings than the columns under the arcades. Reservations can be made online at the following addresses: or or at the following number: 055 238 86 51. Remember to show up at entrance no. 2 (if you have Palazzo Vecchio behind you on the right) 10-15 minutes before the indicated time.

Book a Low Cost Hotel

The hotels closest to the Uffizi can be very expensive, but just a few hundred meters away you will find delicious and cheap hotels in Florence and in addition take a nice walk of a few minutes through the historic center.

Take a Break in the Bookshop

Visiting the Uffizi without a guide can still be enjoyable, but if you like to know more and more you may be disappointed by the audio guides who devote just over a minute to the main masterpieces. On the way to the museum stop in one of the bookshops along the way (Via de’ Cerretani and Piazza della Repubblica) and buy a real paper guide that you can read again even after the visit.

Kill Two Birds With one Stone

Find out about the dates of the extraordinary openings of the Vasari Corridor, which can be accessed via the Uffizi Gallery, and also enjoy a walk to Palazzo Pitti, undisturbed and hidden from the view of the city, just like the Grand Duke de’ Medici.

Check the List of Works to See

Make a list of the works of art you don’t want to miss and mark them on the museum map.

Of course, you’re on holiday and you don’t want to remember these office methods, but you’re about to go through an endless number of masterpieces and there’s no guarantee that after two hours you won’t be attacked by the Stendhal Syndrome and feel the need to get out. And what we have seen has been seen, it is precisely the case to say.

Drink the Water of the Mayor

It is not possible to bring liquids inside the tunnel for safety reasons, but it is difficult for you to survive without a two-hour visit. We recommend you go up to the museum cafeteria to admire the view of Palazzo Vecchio from above, but for the goodness of your wallet also quench your thirst in the toilets, that the water of the municipality of Florence is perfectly drinkable.

The Last Piece of Advice Is Actually an Invitation: Get Angry

If you see someone photographing with a flash, don’t wait to be at home to write it on Tripadvisor, but be indignant on the spot and ask for the details of the caretaker who didn’t enforce the ban if necessary. The Uffizi belong to all and you are an active part in the protection of works of art.

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