The edges of the night begin to fade, the blanket of dreams rises, a warm sun rises to touch the majestic monuments imperishable: Rome is revealed before our eyes. It’s a new day, perhaps the first of your holiday in the Italian capital, whether it’s a week or a few days, there’s no time to lose because there are so many things to see in Rome!

You didn’t come just to sleep in Rome? There are lots of things to do. Here is a quick list to print on the fly and take with you on the things to do in Rome.

Admire the Coppedè District

The Coppedè District (near the Parioli) is one of those areas of the capital that are usually not mentioned in the official guides of things to see in Rome but is a real attraction with its buildings in Art Nouveau style: an explosion of imagination and curiosity.

Going to see the Mouth of Truth

The Mouth of Truth or the marble mask that would represent Jupiter, located in front of the Church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin, is a characteristic attraction but if you do not want to waste a half day in line take a picture and go!

The photo with the centurion

This is also a cute souvenir: the photo under the Colosseum with the centurion. But beware: no stolen shots because those gentlemen do it for a living so you pay.

See the talking statues

The statues that speak in Piazza Pasquino are now famous, so it’s worth seeing. They are very ancient statues in which mocking messages were written.

Really Roman dishes

You can not go to see Rome just for monuments also enjoy a nice plate of tripe Roman style or tail vaccinara.

The alternative to the trattoria

Is it a good day? Then why not organize a picnic in the meadows of Villa Borghese and then dedicate a visit to the famous and beautiful gallery with all those extraordinary works of art.

Roman Movida

You don’t come just to sleep in Rome, so in the evening don’t miss a walk in Via del Pigneto among the clubs that animate the Roman nightlife.

With children:

  1. A walk to the Bioparco to admire the reptile and the museum of zoology
  2. Boat trip to the artificial lake
  3. Attend the ceremony of the firing of the cannon at the Giannicolo, every day on the hill of Giannicolo where there are also shows for children
  4. Visit the children’s museum “Explora”

What if it rains?

  1. Enjoy a trip to Rome by bus maybe stopping at the various flea markets on the street where you will find lots of nice things and some souvenirs at a good price.
  2. Enjoy a chocolate in the old S.A.I.D. chocolate factory, which has now become a chocolate shop.
  3. Visit Roman museums such as: the Museum of Ancient Sculpture Giovanni Barracco, the Napoleonic Museum, the Alberto Moravia House Museum, the Museum of the Roman Republic, the Museum of the Via Ostiense, the Museum of Musical Instruments and the Criminology Museum.
  4. Visit the Pantheon because it does not rain inside despite the opening on the ceiling.
  5. Take a walk in the underground Rome to discover the alleys and secret tunnels.

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